Natural Eyebrow Enhancement – Naturally Enhance Your Eyebrows

Eyes are considered as the focal point in people’s face.  Even if you have big, beautiful – the most amazing eyes, what you may be lacking – is your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the most important facial features because they highlight the eyes and one’s facial expression and emotion. Many people from all around the world are not particularly happy with their thin eyebrows. However there are plenty of techniques to fix thin eyebrows. So those people who are not blessed with the perfect eyebrows can rely on this article without any doubt.Natural Eyebrow Enhancement

First you need to focus on the shape. If you have thin eyebrows with irregular shape, you might need help from someone experienced who can get your eyebrows into shape. That was shape, to get rid of the thin eyebrows there are several approaches starting from natural solutions to makeup tricks to costly cosmetic surgery.

Natural Solutions:

If you want your thin eyebrows to grow back thicker, then there are some natural remedies which can be useful…

Applying castor oil on your thin eyebrows is a well known remedy to transform them to thicker and longer. But doing some surveys, it has been found that castor oil doesn’t work for all people. So after you start using castor oil, you need to notice your eyebrow is growing back or not and act accordingly.

Aloe Vera gel is also good for thin eyebrows. It is also very effective for growing back your eyebrows thicker and better. You can use some fresh aloe vera collected from the leaves of the plant or buy the same from the store. Aloe Vera helps to brighten your skin and smoothen it.

Coconut oil amplifies the hair growth rate. All you have to do is to leave the oil overnight for best results.

Eat a diet rich of fruits, green vegetables and lots of fluid. As human hair is largely made of protein, consume a protein-rich diet. You can also take nutritional supplementary. They usually contain Calcium and Vitamin A and E. You can consume foods rich in these.

Makeup Tricks:

Using eyebrow pencil is the simplest way to enhance your thin eyebrows. This item won’t actually grow hairs back but it will create an illusion of a healthy fullness making your eyes look fuller and brighter. Choosing a good eyebrow pencil is very important. So few things should be kept in mind. Firstly, the right shade is very important. So look for something that matches your hair color. Secondly, it shouldn’t be too greasy and it should stick for some decent amount of time. Side by side it should feel dry and tough when the makeup is applied. You should look for waterproof eyebrow pencil so that it doesn’t get washed away in rain.

Eyebrow color and shadow powder can be used along with Eyebrow pencil to achieve an enticing effect.

Although, the above mentioned method is a short term solution. Every night before going to sleep you have to wash the product off your face and then the next day you have to apply it all over again. It’s kind of time consuming. So if you encourage eyebrow enhancement, you can go for Eyebrow Hair Restoration Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Eyebrow Hair Restoration Surgery is very common and popular in Cosmetic Industry. Eyebrow Transplantation is designed to restore growing hair to thin eyebrows. The general concept is that, hair is removed from donor’s body usually head and surgically implanted. The newly implanted hair follicles go through a healing period when they are accepted by the body. If accepted, eyebrows begin to grow naturally. If rejected, the whole procedure is repeated again. If the treatment is successfully done, hair continues to grow for a lifetime, and therefore eyebrows should be trimmed once a month typically. Though these treatments are costly and painful, it indeed shows positive results.

These are the available options for natural eyebrow enhancement , it’s your duty to choose wisely.