The Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrow shaping is an art and if it’s done properly, it can take years off your appearance. The existence of eyebrows is made to compliment the most gorgeous and expressive attribute of human face – the eyes. Eyebrows frame the face and give it a polished, clean, fresh look. Many women end up having a clumsy pair of eyebrows in their quest of getting the right shape. Many over pluck the brows making it look worse. If the same thing happened to you too; don’t worry Eyebrow Kit is there to help you.Eyebrow kit

Eyebrow Kit:

Eyebrow kit is a tool which is designed effectively to shape and maintain your brows at home. Even if you are a novice, eyebrow kit is very easy to use, once you get to know it. Generally an eyebrow kit consists of tweezers, brow powder, brow stencils, mini duo brush and brow gel. The eyebrow kit contains everything a glamour girl needs to shape, define, fill and set brows. Generally the brow powder comes for blonde, brunette and others.

How to Use:

In some steps you will learn to use an eyebrow kit. Let’s see the steps:

  • Use the eyebrow duo brush to comb your brow hair in an upward direction.
  • If you have already decided a shape, use the tweezers to pluck out the stray hairs. You can also use a small scissor to trim very long hairs.
  • Place the stencil over the brow area and align it to get the desired shape.
  • Select the color that matches your hair color. Just one tip; if you want to look natural, use half shade darker than your hair color.
  • Hold the stencil firmly over your eyebrow area and brush powder onto that area with the eyebrow brush.
  • Now, gently remove the stencil from the eyebrow area.
  • Use the gel to manage hairs without stickiness.

This is the general procedure of using an eyebrow kit. Now there are various brands available on market. If you have not decided to go for which brand, here is the list of some popular brands which are immensely used these days. Let’s have look at them.

Top Eyebrow Kit:

  • Too Faced Brow Envy Eyebrow Kit:  This set contains Brow Setting Wax, Highlighter, Brow Powders in Blonde and Brunette, Brow Pencil, Mini Tweezers, Mini Brushes, 3 Brow Stencils.
  • Chanel Le Sourcil de Perfect Brows:  Everyone recognizes this very popular brand. Let’s see what’s contained within: Mini Tweezers, Mini Brush, Eyebrow/Eyelash Brush, Brow Shades, and Liner Brush.
  • Anastasia 5 Piece Brow Kit:  It consists of Brow Powder, Tweezers, Stencils, Brow Gel and Mini Duo Brush. The Brow Powder provided is very good and considered smudge-proof, yet easily blendable. Anastasia 5 Piece Brow Kit is indeed a good catch.
  • Clarins Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette:  It consists of six-in-one essential grooming tool. With this pack you will get 3 Brow Powder, Brow Wax, Eye Shadow, double applicator for powder and wax application, an Eyebrow Brush and Mini Tweezers.
  • Youngblood Brow Artist:  It I considered as the most elegant brow kit ever. Each kit contains two shades of pressed Brow Powder, one wax, a dual ended applicator/angled brow brush and ultra premium tweezers.

The above said brands can be trusted blindly. These are the best ones available on market. Now it’s your turn to decide to use which brand. Whatever brand you choose its worth your money every bit!